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Regions (states, groups of municipalities, groups of states) are the basis for the economic development of any country.

Differences in progress between regions are based on what regional leaders do to stimulate regional development, and on the constitution of a specialized economic infrastructure that supports the expansion of economic clusters.

Great innovations have appeared in the area of Regional Economic Development.

Alderete y Socios Consultoría Industrial, S.C., as a result of its involvement in diverse regional development processes –some of them considered as national or international models– has been a recipient and developer of state-of-the-art technologies for regional development.

Through joint work with companies such as Economic Competitiveness Group and Economic Transformation Group, ASCI has remained updated in the field and able to collaborate with innovations in the area.

The major elements in a process of regional development are:

Analysis of the economic challenge faced by the region

Detection of regional economic clusters

Analysis on the competitiveness and economic tendencies of the clusters

Participation process

Problems and opportunities

Long-term vision of the cluster

Generation of action initiatives

Implementation of action initiatives.



ASCI participated, along with the consulting firm DRI/Mc Graw Hill and SRI, in the project “Chihuahua Siglo XXI”. The project contemplated the development and implementation of plans and strategic actions intended to mark the path of Chihuahua state’s economy towards the new century.
This project included the development of databases about Chihuahua’s economy and industrial clusters.
Alderete y Socios developed strategies, conducted analyses on national and exporting markets, evaluated the impact of NAFTA on products and industries of Chihuahua, implemented work teams to analyze clusters and formulated strategic action initiatives. It also participated in the development and implementation of business plans for specific action initiatives.

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In association with Economic Competitiveness Group (ECG), Alderete y Socios has been working with the government and private initiative of Campeche to design a strategic plan for the development of the state’s economy. Strategic plans and action plans were developed for five clusters: Energy, Fishing, Manufacturing, Tourism, and Agriculture. Up to 1998, these plans resulted in the implementation of several initiatives and programs, among which an investment attraction program stands out. This program has promoted the establishment of over 10 industrial plants and the generation of more than 4,500 jobs. This number doubled the number of existing industrial jobs in the state.

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This regional development project was designed for the city of Cuauhtémoc and its zone of influence in the state of Chihuahua. The project involved experimentation with the Fast Track mode consisting in getting to the implementation stage within a period of 3 months. Subsequently, ASCI participated in the project follow-up process during 18 months.

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